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About Cutz N Restore Images

Cutz-N-Restore Images was born on March 17, 2018, at 3337 Fall Hill Avenue in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Our goal is to become the cutting edge in restoring the images of our clients. We here at Cutz-N-Restore Images provide top-level professional service.  We strive to put quality into every haircut. Our purpose is to be consistent with all the services that we provide; without losing integrity in achieving the customer's desired haircut. We hope to become a pillar in our local community and be a link between the youth and the adults in our community. 


We believe that being a professional barber is more than cutting hair; it is also being a voice in the community. Helping to meet the needs of the community is a big part of what Cutz-N-Restore Images is about. Being part of a small community is a treasure within itself. We like to think that Cutz-N-Restore Images is “doing what the community needs” cutting and restoring the images of our future.   

Our Barbers

Trent Noel - Owner

After receiving his high school diploma, Trent decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a barber. He received his cosmetology and barber license in 2009 at the Cosmetology and Training Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


After obtaining his license he enjoyed cutting hair in a professional setting for 10 years, this was when he began to realize that there was so much more to the barber industry that he needed to explore. Trent traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, and received certification in Toni Love's Hair Restoration in 2017. Shortly after receiving this certification, he began the steps towards his ultimate goal, opening his own barbershop.

In March of 2018, Cutz N Restore Images Barbershop was born! At Cutz N Restore Images we strive to be a leading community outreach in Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas. In addition to Trent's professional background, he is currently enrolled at Vertisa Baptist College, on the path to receiving his Associate's Degree. 

Saint Mo 

Wylman Maurice (Mo) Johnson II is a Navy veteran who has had a passion for grooming since he was a young boy, hanging out at his uncle’s barbershop.  He was a basketball coach for the Stafford Storm and Assistant Coach for the Stafford Senior High School Indians, but still provides individual training sessions to high school students in the local area. He attended Mo Better Barber College in 2017 and graduated in December of 2018. He continues to hone his skills, by perfecting his technique and learning new ones. Mo is grounded in his faith and aspires to become a preacher in the future.

Steve the Barber

Bio Coming Soon!

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